April 29, 2011

Film Review : Vaanam

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Vaanam tells the story of five different people who are in no relation with each other! The story is gripping which is well complemented by excellent screenplay and dialogues. The film is filled with artists and they justifies their role with splendid performance. The first half is a perfect entertainer while the later half of the movie raises the heart beat of the audience every scene.

STR as Cable Raja is cool and suave cable tv operator. He utters lies and only lies to woo his girl friend (Jasmin Bhasin) who wants to attend the new year eve party with STR. The premium pass for the party costs nearly 40,000 rupees. Simbhu who hails from the slums tries his luck to buy the tickets. Rest of the movie is STR’s search of the money to buy tickets.

Anushka as Saroja (a sex worker) tries to flee from the house of prostitutes with ‘Karpooram’ to chennai to set up a new work on their own. She does a character which most actress dares to do so. She has given a fine performance from the very first scene of her till the end where she tries to convince the doctor with her flesh!

Bharath, a rockstar who comes from Bangalore to Chennai to play his dream ‘live band’ show encounters bitter experience as well.

Saranya Ponvannan an illiterate tries to get her son back from the baddie Kadhal “Dhandapani” who captives her son for debt. The rest is how she finds a solution to get her son back!

Prakash Raj, a muslim who comes to chennai along with his wife Sonia Agarwal to see his brother is held up by the police in relation with terrorist activity and encounters chain of worst incidents.

Santhanam is at his best and provides the comic relief in the movie along with Simbhu. His one liners goes well with the audience. VTV Ganesh is also present in the movie. He justifies the role and creates laughter as well.

Jasmin Bhasin doesn’t has much to do in the movie rather than talking with Simbhu over phone and a few leg shakes in a song.

Radharavi and Jayaprakash does a blink and miss role. Noted Telugu actor Ravi Prakash acted as police officer and did a good job.

All characters of the movie are given equal importance. But the credit goes to Silambarasan, after Vinnai Thaandi Varuvya, expectations are soaring high on STR and he did not disappoint his fans, he is exceptional as Cable Raja.

The director Krish truly deserves the success as he has moulded the story well to suit the tastes of the tamil audiences. All the characters are impactful and are well-etched.

Technical Department:
Cinematography and crisp editing makes vaanam a meaningful movie experience. The movie tells the loss of the persons with the loss of few lives in the end. Dialogues are finely penned, the screenplay is crisp and well complements the story.

Yuvan’s background score makes the audience travel with the movie and deserves great applause. The singles Evan Di Unna Pethan sets the audiences on their toes dancing!

STR carries the whole movie with his on screen presence and his splendid performance, specially in the scene where he withdraws the money which he was about to pay for the party ticket! From his playful introduction scene to the scene in which he realises his mistake and adds his own money and returns it to the Saranya Ponvannan, STR is splendid. Anushka does an uncompromisable sex worker role while Bharath as solid rockstar proved his mettle. Saranya ponvannan has given her best for the role as always.

Bottomline: Vaanam is a must watch film for its novel plot. Credits to the director who comes out with a unique script.

Verdict: Racy Entertainer with a touch of Humanity!(*** out of *****)

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