February 25, 2011

Film Review: Nadunisi Naaygal - By Aadithya

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Director:   Gautham Menon
Producer:   Gautham Menon,  Jayaraman,  Madan
Cast : Sameera Reddy, Veera, Samantha, Deva
Story: Veera was actually christened Samar, the only son of the proverbial rich man in Mumbai, living a life of decadence, filled with wine and women. The young Samar is pretty much exposed wholesale to this debauchery, and you feel the sorrow and anger that goes with the deep-seated trauma of an incident like this. 
Someone else in the film feels it too: his next door neighbour, Meenakshi (Swapna Abraham), a woman who lives alone and is suitably horrified by the happenings. With her intervention, the police march in, and in one swift stroke, the sex maniacs are disbanded, and Meenakshi decides that she'll be Samar's legal guardian. Her background, motivations and character are never explained; she's a Good Samaritan who conveniently happens to be on hand. She also ignores, somehow, to get the abused child counseling -- whatever her reasons, we're led to assume that Samar escapes without any psychological trauma. 
In this dark, brooding tale, filled with macabre dashes of humour and bloodshed, Sameera Reddy certainly comes out on top. As the enthusiastic lover, and later, the terrified victim, she's had plenty of opportunity to display acting talent (even if she does spend most of the film crying).

 Review : If you don't like the film NADUNISI NAAYGAL, then it may be considered as a success from the film-maker's point of view... as tht is wat is expected from the director's point of view... Its the most disturbing film in tamil film industry so far... Technically... the movie is very sound... the absence of the BGM is hardly felt... kudos to the film-maker for this... The content of the film is basically very raw and new for the audience, which is accustomed to feel-good, breezy entertainers or mass-masala flicks... and this is a drawback for the film... However, the motto of the film is very noble and requires some serious attention. Editing of the film is sharp, and cinematography exposes the raw content in a very brutal manner... I'm not great enough to judge the film technically yet... And week hearts please don watch. So, i shall refrain myself from commenting further on the film, and leave the viewer to decide its success. Watch it only in Cinemas!!! Stop piracy !!!

Bottom Line : A different thriller, week hearts please don watch it.

Verdict: *** and a half * of 5
Review Courtesy : Aadithya

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