February 11, 2011

Film Review: PAYANAM - Oru Maarubatta Anubhavam!

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Director:   Radha Mohan

Producer:   Prakash Raj

Background Score:   Devi Sri Prasad

Cast : Prakash Raj, Nagarjuna, Sanah khan,Mohan V Ramanan, Thalaivaasal Vijay, Badava Gopi, M S Bhaskar, Prithvi,Poonam Kaur,Bharat Reddy,Bramanandam

Story: Payanam revolves around the hijack of an Indian airline flight that is sheudeled reach the Delhi from Chennai. In the mid air, five terrorists declares that they have hijacked the flight and demands the pilot to drive it to Afganistan. The pilot tried to fight the terrorists, and the leader of the terrorist shoots at one of the engines of the flight and damages it. As a result they had to do an emergency landing at Tripathi airport.

Government sets up a board under the leadership of Vishwanathan (Prakash Raj) to talk with the terrorists. The board includes Home secretary, and commandos (Nagarjuna & others). The terrorist’s demands 100 crores cash and release of an international terrorist who is currently behind the bars in Kashmir. After many rounds of talks, government accepts to release the terrorist and hijackers says that they do not need 100 crores as getting money is against their religion.
While transporting the terrorist, due to snow slide and a road accident, the terrorist will be killed, developing conflict between the government and the hijackers. Meanwhile, the media and the relatives of the passengers in the flight will keen interest towards this incident. The story ends with who the commandos act intelligent to end the plot successfully and save 142 lives.

My Perception: What would I say? I was spell bound after the movie. Till yesterday night, I never knew that there is a movie under production called PAYANAM. I was totally clueless about the movie. I went there with a huge expectation that the movie would be fast and furious as I came to know that the movie was all about the high-jacking of an aircraft by a group of terrorists and how the hero of the movie over smarts the terrorists and saves hundreds of life.

I was expecting the movie to be like a Hollywood movie, filled with loads and loads blood sheds, graphics and unbelievable stunts. But, the movie amazed me! It shattered all my expectations. It didn't have even the smallest hint of any English movie for that matter! Nagarjuna, who does the lead role, has carved his character in the movie! A very brave commando indeed! The movie contains all the vital elements of a classic 'movie making', which seemed to have been missing in any of the Tamil cinemas in the last decade.

PAYANAM is a action packed thriller. It is a bilingual movie produced in Telugu and Tamil simultaneously by Prakash Raj under his home production. The movie is directed by Radha Mohan who has already delivered some great hits with story and screenplay of Mozhi and Abhiyum Naanum. The background score adds a thrill to every situation of the movie.

There is no scene in the full 150 minutes that one can point out and criticize! A flawless script and one has to give credit to the camera man for doing such a fantafabulous job! The story is all about 'the uncharacteristic 5-day flight journey from Chennai to Delhi' and the panic and tense that is been experienced by a hundred passengers on board. The movie portrays, how terrorists should be handled and instead how they are being handled by the Indian government! Also, at various stages of the movie, the director has conveyed that all the religions in India are the same and the people are all united! It’s the government, other political parties and various other terrorist agencies , who are to be blamed for creating a negative thought in people's mind are corrupting their minds and provoking them to act foolishly! There is some other highlighting element throughout the movie that we are intentionally hiding it! Its the 'surprise element' and we are sure that one will experience it in the theatres!

Plus Points : Good blend of action, Thrill & humour.

Bottomline : A good entertainer for this week end.

VERDICT: *** and a half * out of five.

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