December 23, 2010

Manmadhan Ambu – Film Review

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Cast: Kamalahasan, Madhavan, Trisha, Sangeetha, Urvasi

Director: K S Ravikumar

The Story: The film starts with Ambu(Trisha), who is an actress is in love with Madhan(Madhavan). But Madhan doubts that Ambu has affairs with other people related to film industry. Ambu wanted to give this a break and goes to France for a vacation with her friend Deepa(Sangeetha), who is a divorcee. Meanwhile, Madhan hires a detective named Manar(Kamalahasan), who is an ex-millitery Major to follow her activities in France. Manar accepts the job because he wanted some money for his friend’s cancer treatment. There Manar follows Ambu and reports to Madhan that her conduct is good. So Madhan asks Manar to come back to India. Manar demands the money for his friend’s treantment. But Madhan refuses to pay the money as Manar has not done any detective work at all. So Manar dint know what to do and he lies to Madhan that Ambu was meeting someone in France secretly. Madhan who was in India dint know what the truth was, paid the money for his friend’s treatment and asks Manar to continue his work of following Ambu.

In the mean time Ambu finds that Manar was following her and asks him why. Manar managed by saying that he was not following her and he had come to visit the cruse. As the time passes, Ambu realizes that she had killed Manar’s wife in a road accident before three years. In the mean time, because of the fake reports given by Manar, Madhan becomes mad at Ambu and he started to become an addict to drinks. Their relationship came to an end because of Manar’s false about Ambu.

Ambu goes and confess to Manar that she was the one who was responsible of the road accident that killed Manar’s wife. Eventually, Ambu’s sympathy for Manar turns into love between them. In the mean while, Madhan flies to France to witness the affair between Ambu and other people believing what Manar said was true. So, Manar and Deepa plans to make Madhan believe that Ambu has a fake affair.

The story ends with how finally Manar & Ambu and Madhan & Deepa start a life together.

My Perception: The film goes with a good phase in first half. But the second half is a bit shaky. As usual, Kamalahasan rocked with his story. The story has a good blend of sentiment, romance, humour and flow. The director has also done an appreciable work. K S Ravikumar is a veteran director who has nothing to prove more in film industry. Trisha’s character has a fulfilment in it. All four of the main actors, Kamalahasan, Madhavan, Trisha and Sangeetha have done a justifying work. The producers, RED GIANT movie makers have also poured in a lot of money into this film. Almost 80% of the film is shoot in France. The screenplay and dialogues, which Kamalahasan claims that he wrote, has a good essence in it.

In the film, the chemistry between Kamalahasan and Trisha is not expressed at all. And also, Madhavan falls in love with Sangeetha within instants, which also does not seem practical. The song ‘Neela Vanam’ is at the best song in the movie I would say. The song fully rolls back, is a good effort by the director.

However, Kamalahasan once again proves that he is a real maestro in acting and this film is a treat for Kamalahasan fans after a long time. The locations are beautifully picked and the camera work is also extraordinarily done. Towards the end, fuzz is developed in the screenplay, which the character solve it by themselves during the climax.

Verdict: *** and a half * out of 5. (Very Good Excellent)

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6 Echos:

  1. (aadhi here)awesome

  2. @Adhi : Yeah da . the movie was awesome :) third consecutive mass hit film for Kamal :)

  3. Veerathin uchakatame manikaradu dan-what a dialogue....

  4. me gonna see tonight only... let me comment after watching it..


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