February 24, 2012

Jodi Breakers

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Ashwini Chaudary has taken a plot that is no new to us. Madhavan and Bipasha are two people who do not believe in love or commitment or long time relations. They Both help People in relation to break up when they have a problem in their relation. This makes the First half quite so obvious to all of us even to people who have not yet watched the movie.
But then at a time when both Madhavan and Bipaasha work for a common client they get more insight into both of them and they both fall in love with each other. This is the twist in the whole movie. Then as usual the story moves on to tell us how they both unite.

People if any have seen kollywood's Pammal K Sambandam Jodi breakers would not be a great story for them. The only thing is Madhavan and Bipaasha break up many jodis in here.

There is not much of Humour which could have been there and also the Director does not have a grip on screenplay. But however Madhavan and Bipaasha both glamorous like anything keeps us occupied for most of the time.
 Few songs are nice and have been visualized greatly.

Overall the Movie is watch worthy once for all its Glamorous visual elements.

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