October 26, 2011

Velayudham Film review

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The making of the superstarin Vijay is already begun and this film ‘Velayudham’ has rightly showed the big path the way the future Vijay projects should be made! 
Yes, Vijay has taken the path of Rajinikanth of the 1990s. The films of those years catapulted thesuperstar to another level to see Rajini in the unshaken stage of evergreen top star of Tamil cinema. They also set a political platform for Rajinikanth. And, the same is happening now for Vijay. And, with ‘Velayudham’ the stage is perfectly set! 
Vijay is a village milkman, who is a happy-go-lucky guy and also liked by one and all. Saranya Mohan plays the sister of Vijay. Hansika Motwani the village beauty falls in love with Vijay. 
A twist comes in the normal life of the village that fuels the angry young vigilante in the ordinary milkman. Vijay transforms into a vigilante and the savior of the village people from the hands of the evil minds. 
Genelia D ‘Souza comes to the village as a TV reporter, and while she captures the hearts of her TV viewers her heart is stolen by Vijay. 
So, how the Vigilante Vijay defeats the evil forces and saves his people is said in a heart-gripping action sequences and intelligent climax! And, also who wins the heart of Vijay among the two ladies – Genelia or Hansika? Watch it all and everything in ‘Velayutham’ in the Silverscreen! 
‘Velayudham’ is another milestone movie for Vijay as the movie has set the right stage for his political avatar! His varied body language as ordinary milkman and as a vigilante proves that the actor has matured to the next level. 
Genelia has shed her girl-next-door image and comes as a new girl with a difference. Hansika impresses with her bubbly acting. 
Santhanam’s comedy is another highlight of the film. Saranya Mohan also does a neat role in the film. Shayaji Shinde comes as villain. A big star cast has spread over the film including M S Baskar, Sathyan, Ilavarasu, Vincent Ashokan and Raaghav. 
Music by Vijay Antony is extraordinary. His songs are already topping the charts. The songs ‘Chillax…’ and ‘Ratthathin Rathame…’ are big hits. 
Priyan’s camera and V T Vijayan’s editing play a major role in the success of the film. 
For the first time Graphics has been used this much for a Vijay film. 
Director ‘Jeyam’ Raja is famous for his remake hits with those romantic and family dramas. But, this time he has done an original action film. This big effort of ‘Velayudham’ will definitely make him sign some more big action movies. 
Overall, ‘Velayudham’ is a super duper hit film that is going to see Vijay at another level of Stardom!

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14 Echos:

  1. Velayudham is not good as said in this blog. Moreover, it is remake of Telugu Azad movie.

  2. worst movie ever watched.....only fools
    and brainless people only like this and support
    the movies......usual tamil story of past
    50 yr...worst acting by vijay, 51 moves he
    crossed but no improvement in acting... vijay not
    worth for acting, just leave acting and go
    to politics...pls vijay dont spoil tamil
    cinema.... i dont know how vijay have fans....i
    think vijay fans have no brains and only fools
    will like vijay.............

  3. reel vittalum alavaa vidanum

  4. All Jealous Asith fans .... En da Mukkureenga... Ungalala mudiyadhu..... Film is hit... U shit, eppadi da oruthane ithana comment.... padame paakama vera.... Pls get lost.... U can praise ajith , but dont pul others,... such a bad attitude of AJITH fans.....

  5. anony monus ............... unkaluku vijay evaluvu periy bigggggggg hitttttttttt koduthatha thanka mudiyala athuthan eppadi...........
    padam supeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrr big hit ............vijay mass this really true..

  6. Watched the movie in Los Angeles. First half is not that good. But Second half of the movie is really good and its not like a normal super hero movie.

  7. Superb movie, Chanceless.........

  8. The movie is good guys ! I have provided an unbiased review here .. Fine lemme put my words in this way . I liked the movie very much . I dunno about others .

  9. same old story with copy from many scripts!!! not upto the mark.. but faar better than 7aam arivu!!!

  10. only brainless vijay fans will like the movie people!!! yet another masala movie with all commercial elements... vijay thirundavay maataan nu idhu lerndu theriyidu!!

  11. please save money!!! dont watch the movie.. not at all worth it!!

  12. gud movie, not bad movie like 7 aarivu


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