October 13, 2012

Suriya’s Maattrraan opens to a grand response from fans

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For any actor, the ‘opening’ of his film matters a lot. In filmy parlance, ‘opening’ refers to the box-office collection via ticket sales at counters in theatres during the first 7-10 days where the star’s film is released. It’s is this ‘opening’ which decides as to whether or not a film turns out to be a hit venture. Superstar Rajinikanth leads the pack followed by Ajith, Suriya and Vijay in commanding a grand opening.

Suriya’s Maattrraan hit the screens all over the world yesterday. In Chennai and in other parts of the State, huge crowds were spotted outside all the cinema halls where Maatraan has been screened. As the first day has passed, feedback about the film and Suriya’s performance in it has started trickling in from the fans who have watched the film on the first day itself.

Fans go ga-ga over the film’s grandeur, the pacy script and Suriya’s amazing acting skills. The unanimous view among the fans is that Suriya has delivered a ‘sizzling’ performance which is enough to carry the film forward in the days to come. Suriya has played the role of conjoined twins and as per the script, it’s only in the post-intermission phase that Suriya appears as a ‘single’ man.

The way the two Suriyas, who are shown to be joined together along their shoulders, fight with each other and express a variety of emotions simultaneously have been captured in a never-before manner and the fans say that Suriya’s has done something which has never been ‘thought of or written about’ in Tamil films. Some others feel that the film’s length could have been pruned down by some minutes.

The film has opened to a grand response at all the centres with Suriya’s fans and movie-goers showing enthusiasm and curiosity in watching the film mainly for the ‘twin’ Suriyas in the film. There are a few who term the film as ‘average’ but even they have given full marks to Suriya which is referred to as ‘just enough’ by trade pundits to make the film a success at the box-office.

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