November 13, 2012

Thuppakki first day first show talks | Thuppakki FDFS talks | Thuppakki Movie Review

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Note: This review is by die hard Vijay fans

Vijay’s much expected Thuppakki movie has released world wide today in more than 1500 screens. The movie has already started getting very good reviews and it very racy & entertaining. Here we present you the Thuppakki Movie Review.
Thuppakki Movie Review

Here are the list of reasons why you should watch Thuppakki

  • Vijay’s screen presence and totally stunning body languages though he underplayed a lot
  • A.r.m’s fast screen play with clear story line
  • Picture perfect sonthosh sivan and harris’s BGM
  • Climax- a salute to indian army
  • Other technical brillances
  • Villain Vidut

Kajal makes a decent attempt as a boxer but less scope for her in second half as story moves away.
expected more from sathyan but did what story is required.
one song in the 2nd half have could have been avoided but it is a must to satisfy every one.
Jjeyeram and Vijay’s family in the movie justifies A.R.M’s selection.

Special Note:

for ordinary fans- watch it twice for its technical brilliance and clear story line
Vijay fans- you will get more than you expect

Thuppakki Movie Verdict: A fast and pacy action entertainer made for everyone. A mass movie made in a classic way. Thuppakki is a must watch fo all of you.

Thuppakki Movie Rating: ★★★★☆ out of ★★★★★ [4/5]

Source: from srilanka, fdfs-eros

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