February 3, 2012

Prakashraj's Dhoni- Movie First look

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The veteran actor who recently got a national award for his acting in the Movie " Kanchipuram" has directed a movie for first time. Talks are that the actor having been inspired from a marathi movie has brought the script for a considerable amount and has directed the movie in Tamil and telugu.

The Movie is about a middle class widower who struggles hard to bring up his child who are interested in other fields than just academics. The trailer gives us a brief insight into the story of this film.
  Another Most Important thing to Note is the Music of the movie has been done my Musical Maestro Isaignani Ilaiyaraja. The songs are really Sooth full to hear as usual.
Let us hope that the actor Proves himself to be a good creator too. The movie is slated to be released on 10th February of 2012.

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