February 10, 2012

Dhoni Movie Review

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 Dhoni, written and directed by Prakash Raj is a well-intended and sincere film with a good message. The film illustrates the conflict of interests of a father and his son; as their aspirations clash.
This film also deals about the problems with the current education system and a middle class father’s fight for his son’s better future.
Subramaniam (Prakash Raj) is a lower middle class widower with two kids. He always runs for money doing all sorts of works right from dawn to dusk to bring up his daughter Kaveri (Sriteja) and Karthik (Akash). He wishes to give them good education. He wants to see his son to be an MBA graduate.
Karthik is a 14-year old son of Subramaniam. Karthik wants to become a good cricketer. His inspiration is Dhoni and like him, he wants to be an attacking wicket keeper- batsman.
While Subramaniam joins him in a good school, Akash fails in most of the subjects. However, his cricket coach (Nazar) is in all praise, as Karthik played the major role in winning a cricket tournament.
Kaveri often spends time with Nalini (Radhika Apte). Accidentally, Subramaniam gets to know that Nalini earns her living through prostitution and strictly orders his daughter to stay away from her. As Karthik was poor in studies, the principal tells Subramaniam to take his son out.
Immediately Subramaniam takes Karthik away from cricket coaching and made him to go a series of tuition classes. Karthik fails to cope up with studies even after leaving cricket, which makes Subramaniam to lose his patience and beats him up and injures his head for which he gets arrested. What happens next should be seen on-screen.
Prakash Raj has given one-man show with an electrifying performance. He has excelled in every scene. He carries this film completely on his shoulders.
Puri Jagannath’s son Akash is the hero in the film and he is extraordinary. He is fine within his limitations.
Radhika Apte, who is seen as his neighbour, is good.
Murali Sharma’s role is interesting as a teacher.
Nazar have done equally important roles to Prakash Raj in this movie as a cricket coach.
Mugdha Godse has played her part well.
Gollapudi Maruti Rao, Melkote, Talaivasal Vijay have done justice to their roles.
Prabhu Deva is seen in a special song.
Dhoni has made a guest appearance.
Prakash Raj adds to his credit that he balances his role as the protagonist and director. He should be praised for not only doing his best, but also for taking excellent job out of his technical team.
The film benefits from Ilayaraja’s inspiring background score which lifts the film. The special song with Prabhu Deva is cute and it goes with the narrative.


Concept of the film is good. Screenplay in the second half is pretty bad. Dialogues are natural. Cinematography is fine. Editing could have been better.

Ilayaraja’s background score is an asset. Songs are in sync with the mood of the film. Production values are up to the mark. Prakash Raj’s direction is good in parts. He should have handled the second half in a better way. Talk show scene is crucial from the subject point of view, but Prakash Raj failed as a director in that scene. Even the climax scenes highlight his shortcomings as a director.
There are no commercial trappings like fancy camera angles, unwanted songs or clichéd sentiments. Undoubtedly, the film will entertain the audiences and they will get a feel that the money spent on the tickets is worth.
The beauty of the narration is that the message applies to everyone and it might change your life.

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