January 31, 2012

Jodi Breakers Music Review

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The Madhavan- Bipasha Starrer Jodi Breaker's Music is in air and as usual the Salim-Sulaiman pair has indeed done a great job.
The track list comprises of seven songs. They are :

This song is a fast number which make you dance as soon as you start hearing it. Seems much like a party song. The song is sung by Salim Merchant himself.

Typical Hindi rock songs which People have been hearing always. Even the tone seems like Inspired from well known Hindi song though we could not pin point exactly. The song is specially for Bipasha.

The first Melody in the Track list. Not too brilliant yet a good composition which pleases our ears alone and does not flow to our heart. The English Lyrics are note worthy.

Yet Again a Melody. Nothing too good or bad to say about.

Starts as a melody and flows as a fast beat in the middle. A striking start leaves us tied to the song till the end. Definitely Worth hearing.

The other two songs are the Remix version of the First two songs.


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