January 28, 2012

Sherlock- TV series

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If you are a Sherlock Fan you ll go Crazy after Watching this series if you are not Sherlock Fan you ll be one after watching this.
In the First Episode the story begins with John Watson, a retired Defense Doctor who is stressed after he had quit army for certain reasons.
When Watson Meets Sherlock for the First time Sherlock's Brilliance is Portrayed very stunningly that you would really go gaga over Sherlock at that very instant. The First Episode establishes very clearly how John  Watson becomes Sherlock's Friend. 
Also Sherlock's Eccentric attributes are brought out in brilliant way.
Anyways i would not reveal the story here for any Episodes. But i would suggest all of the Readers to Watch out almost 5 episodes out of the six released. The only Episode which i felt lagging in pace and brilliance was second season episode 2 ( The Hounds of Baskerville).

So People who haven't Yet watched the Sherlock TV series Better start Downloading it Now. I would definitely say its worth watch for a life time.


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