April 20, 2012

Ooh la la la Review

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Ooh la la la- The makers couldn’t have come up with a more appropriate title, as this song from Dirty Picture has caught the attention nationwide.
Jothikrishna plays Surya a compulsive skirt chaser who is desperate to have not one, but many girlfriends in life. But he is plainly unlucky right from young age till he finally befriends Preeti (Divya Bhandari). Slowly they become friends after she puts up three conditions, that they should not cross the limits. But Preeti goes against her own conditions and falls in love with Surya.

But Surya does not change his Casanova image and runs after other girls, who fall for his charms. How he gets enlightened and understands the importance of true loveforms the rest of the story.

Ooh la la la, is an endurance test for its silliness in the first half with some juvenilecomedy of Ganja Karuppu. The comedy is derived from silly gags like falling into dirty water, getting beating up or sambar being poured on people! However, the story moves forward in the second half which is marginally better. The emotional scenes involving Surya’s parents are touching.

Divya Bhandari breezes through her scenes, endearing you to the vulnerable Preeti; striking up a radiant chemistry with her co-star. As for Jothikrishna, he has tried hard and puts in his best to make the film work. Of course, much honing has to be done, and dance is another area he ought to concentrate on, if he is here to stay.

Songs are average with the Ethetho… number being the pick of the lot and picturised aesthetically on a black& white concept. Go in with modest expectations and perhaps you won’t come out dissatisfied.

Verdict: Below Average


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