November 7, 2012

Viswaroopam trailer launched in auro 3d

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It was an exciting end to a long wait for fans of Kamal Hassan, who released the trailer of his upcoming Viswaroopam in the Auro 3D sound format at the Satyam cinemas this morning.

The film will go into over 3000 prints in three languages and may head toHollywoodas well. Though the calligraphy of the title used looks like Arabic and the film trailer shows lots of shoot outs involving Muslims, Kamal clarified his stand on the film in response to a media question, Said he, ‘The film is not against any religion and only seeks to examine why terrorism exists. I am a fan of Gandhiji. I respect all people, irrespective of religion. I celebrate mankind. So, will my film ever reflect anything different from my beliefs? My film is not against any religion.”

The film has received a UA certification but the release date has not yet been announced. It seems like Kamal is honing all the finer aspects of the post production work before releasing the film worldwide.

The film will have Auro 3d sound effects in over 30 centers where the system has been established.

Check out the trailer of viswaroopam

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